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Welcome to Scottie's Bavarian Folk Art and the exciting 
"Old Country" style of decorative painting called Bauernmalerei!

NEW! Scottie's Doll House Miniature Shop featuring Bodo Hennig German Miniature Furniture and Accessories for sale and the classic How-to-Paint book
"Scottie's Bavarian Doll Haus with Decorated Furniture"! 

Free shipping*
on Bodo Hennig Miniature Furniture and Accessories (*click here for details)
**See Good News Announcement below!

NEW! Scottie's Boutique  full of beautiful gifts and keepsakes all hand-painted by Scottie! Free shipping* on Boutique items (*click here for details)!

NEW! Mini and Large Clock Packets! Click here to see NEW packets

**IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT, Winter 2003: Doll Haus fans, GOOD NEWS! We just received word that the Bodo Hennig Company in Germany (after declaring bankruptcy) has been bought out by another company which intends to continue to make the beautiful line of Traditional Miniature Doll House Furniture, at least through 2003. After that, the importer told us that the new owners may discontinue making some items. So if you're interested in purchasing any of the beautiful line of Bodo Hennig furniture or accessories, consider doing so in 2003. I know I speak for miniature lovers the world over when I say we are so thankful that someone stepped forward and is willing to continue the Bodo Hennig legacy of manufacturing the most beautifully made unfinished doll house furniture in the world!

 New address for mail order:
 Scottie's Bavarian Folk Art, 7561 Cannoneer Court, Warrenton, VA 20186, USA; 
Toll free 1-800-808-5585 or 540-341-8884 (USA);
Fax 540-341-8879 (USA); 

Scottie's publications teach two types of Bauernmalerei painting: wet-in-wet (Books 1-4, the typical look of Bauernmalerei) and wet-on-dry (Book 5). Scottie's painting books, video and packets were designed for all levels of painters — beginning, intermediate, advanced and teachers. Scottie's quick and easy style of Bauernmalerei using acrylic paint is particularly wonderful for first-time painters or for folks who wish to complete a quick project to teach or for a gift. Also it's the perfect style of painting for large pieces of furniture! And the best part is that anyone can learn that has the desire to learn, the time to practice and follows the step-by-step directions in Scottie's books and video! So choose a book and a project, grab a brush and get started on the road to a lifetime of fun and creativity...!

to Mary Jo Leisure, Gail Anderson, Jo Sonja Jansen, Scottie Foster, Dorothy Dent, Betty Caithness, Sherry Nelson, Ronnie Bringle, Ann Kingslan and Helan Barrick
voted the 10 Top Talents in 2000
by the readers of Decorative Artist's Workbook Magazine! This list of 10 all-time favorite artists "celebrates 10 of the many influential, inspiring and accomplished decorative painters in the field today." See the collection of step-by-step projects by all 10 winning artists in the Decorative Artist's Workbook  year 2000 issues!


The Spanish Translation Supplement for Book 1 is here!
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