Painting Supplies

Wood and Painting Supplies for the Free Design and Miscellaneous Packets 
The Apple Tree in Springfield, VA (suburb of Washington, DC). This is the shop where Scottie teaches (she is not the owner). The Apple Tree carries a full range of wood, paint, brushes and all related supplies, including those used by Scottie such as  Rose Sticks, Scottie's Antiquing Patina, Loew-Cornell brushes, and the wood for projects from her books and miscellaneous pattern packets. If you are ever in the Washington DC area, you are very welcome to visit the shop. Many of the pieces from Scottie's books are on display there. Just call ahead for hours and directions.

For the above painting supplies and raw wood for the free design
and miscellaneous packet pieces, please contact
The Apple Tree
Phone: 1-800-621-9311             heartsm.gif (985 bytes)              Fax: 703-321-8450

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