Seminars 2001

Painting Fun for Everyone!

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Coastal Carolina Decorative Painters
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. February 2001

 p1010009.jpg (26187 bytes) p1010008.jpg (20453 bytes) p1010012.jpg (24801 bytes) p1010014.jpg (23364 bytes)

A friendly and fun chapter of ladies! The chests were almost finished by the end of the seminar!


Wiped_out.jpg (51902 bytes) 

After a hard day of wrestling with a chest...! 
(Joanne De Falco photo courtesy of Don and Lynda Ziembko)

Most_Creative_Colors.jpg (79023 bytes) Lyn_Tillmans_Creativity.jpg (115339 bytes)

Lin Tillman's creativity with color changes and added details! The FUN of folk art painting!


Scottie_at_Nances.jpg (28650 bytes)

A fabulous Oyster Roast at Nance's Seafood Restaurant!
Can't believe I ate the whole thing!
(Scottie's photo courtesy of Lynda and Ron Ziembko)


Alamo Decorative Painters
San Antonio, Texas, March 2001

Door_Crown_1_web.jpg (34325 bytes) Door_Crown_2_web.jpg (39251 bytes) 

Mirror_Frame_1_web.jpg (31835 bytes) Clock_1_web.jpg (35609 bytes)

Lovely ladies and good painters who worked hard to finish door crowns, mirrors and clocks in class!

Alamo_1_web.jpg (25611 bytes) Riverwalk_2_web.jpg (39460 bytes) Pretty_lockers_web.jpg (34350 bytes)

San Antonio home of the Alamo, Riverwalk and a beautiful mural painted by the Chapter ladies!


The Southeast Asian Decorative Painting Convention 
Singapore, March/April 2001

Banner web.jpg (30941 bytes)

Click here to see Singapore Convention photos


The Tole Patch
Simi Valley, California,  April 2001

Clock web.jpg (96852 bytes) Placemat Box web.jpg (105760 bytes)

Three fun days painting clocks and placemat boxes with lovely ladies and good folk artists!


Northern Wisconsin Decorative Artists
Fifield, Wisconsin, June 2001

No. Wis 1 web.jpg (129968 bytes) No. Wis 2 web.jpg (94822 bytes) No. Wis 3 web.jpg (119810 bytes) No. Wis 4 web.jpg (108095 bytes) No. Wis 5 web.jpg (114428 bytes) No. Wis 6 web.jpg (118358 bytes)

Two styles of clocks and a shelf with pegs were painted by a friendly and fun chapter of ladies!

Below are photos of the chapter fund raising project for this year: a BEAUTIFUL quilt featuring hand-painted squares and quilted by hand! (Of course, photos never do it justice.)

Whole quilt web.jpg (133292 bytes) Quilt 1 web.jpg (125233 bytes) Quilt 2 web.jpg (104544 bytes) Quilt 3 web.jpg (106679 bytes) Quilt 4 web.jpg (110968 bytes)


The Apple Tree
Springfield Virginia, July 2001

AT web.jpg (109739 bytes)

Everyone painted an entire Bavarian Bouquet Chest (even though they were a bit heavy to hold for the photo!). The chests were beautifully painted, almost finished and a fun time was had by all!


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