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Easy Bavarian Jewelry/Key Holder
Instructions and Project Photo

by Scottie Foster

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You’ll get practice with lots of Bavarian flowers when you paint this fun project. Make extras for gifts and remember to paint the edge to go with the receiver’s decor. Be brave and experiment with different background and flower colors too. Fun!

PALETTE: Delta Ceramcoat: Antique White, Black Green, Cactus, Gamal Green, Golden Brown, Gypsy Rose, Leprechaun, Prussian, Straw, Sonoma, Tide Pool, White.

SPECIAL SUPPLIES: 1" sponge brush. Optional but nice: Chaco paper for tracing.

BRUSHES: Loew-Cornell series 7040, #2 & #4 round, and series 7350 #1 liner. If you have trouble with thick linework, try an 18/0 liner, series 7050 (the series number is important).

PREPARATION: Sand, seal with your favorite sealer (I use waterbase varnish) and basecoat with Antique White. You might need two coats, lightly sanding between coats. Trace on your pattern. When tracing, trace the outlines of all flowers but no details and no comma stroke leaves.

EDGING: Using the sponge brush, paint the edge with your choice of a color from the palette. I chose Tide Pool.


FLOWER DIRECTIONS: These flowers are painted wet-in-wet. "+" means "wiped in" or "double-load". Paint the undercoat to the flower and while it is still wet, using the "dirty" brush (do not clean the brush), apply overstrokes. When all flowers are blocked in, paint the stems and leaves. After that, go back and embellish with details..

Large Rose Leaves: Gamal Green + Leprechaun.

Tulips: Tide Pool with White overstrokes while wet.

Rose: Gypsy Rose, Sonoma throat and White overstrokes while wet.

Round Petal Daisies: Sonoma centers; petals are Golden Brown + Straw.

Droopy Daisies: Sonoma centers; petals are Golden Brown + Straw.

Bleeding Hearts: Gypsy Rose + White.

Tiny Tulips: Gypsy Rose + White.

One-Stroke and Three-Stroke Pods: Gypsy Rose + White.

Stems: Gamal Green. Leaves: Gamal Green + Leprechaun.


Prussian: Linework on Tulips.

Sonoma: Smile on Rose, outline and strokes under Bleeding Hearts, lips and strokes under Tiny Tulips.

Cactus: Overstrokes on large leaves.

White: Comma strokes under Droopy Daisy centers.

Black Green: Outline and vein large leaves, crosshatching if room. Filler strokes.

Dots: White: Rose throat, around centers of Round Petal Daisies, at the base of Tulips. Sonoma: across centers of Droopy Daisies; at the base of Tiny Tulips and Three-Stroke Pods; series of graduated dots here and there; three dots here and there.

BORDER: Load #3 brush with Golden Brown; then scoop up through the edge of the White. Make comma strokes, pulling toward the middle. Add small strokes and dots of Golden Brown.

FINISHING: Paint the pegs Antique White with Tide Pool or trim color tops. Paint the back Black Green. Antique LIGHTLY with product of your choice. I used Raw Umber oil paint and Scottie's Antiquing Patina (see Supply Source). When the antiquing is dry (24 hours), rub with #0000 steel wool to raise any white highlights. Tack with tack rag and varnish three coats with JW Right Step Matte Waterbase Varnish NOT JS Polyurethane (incompatible with oils and Patina). Sand lightly between coats with old sandpaper. After the last coat, wax with paste wax using a #0000 steel wool pad as applicator. Buff and enjoy!


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