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Order Form for Scottie's Bavarian Folk Art Publications

IMPORTANT: Use the form below ONLY if you are ordering by phone or postal mail. See explanation below if you wish to order over the internet by secure shopping cart.

Ordering Information: Scottie will be happy to AUTOGRAPH her books for you when you order from her. Please include the first name of the person the books are for if they are for someone other than yourself. Thanks! All prices are in US dollars.
Payment may be by US check or International Money Order in US dollars, or .

Three EASY Ways to Order!

heartsm.gif (985 bytes)Over the Internet By Secure Shopping Cart: Just press the button beside each item desired on the pages where the items are described. You will be taken to the shopping cart where you can press buttons to continue shopping or check out. All of your order information on the Secure Shopping Cart system is guaranteed secure and confidential.

heartsm.gif (985 bytes)By Mail: Fill in this form (click here for the form), print it out and email Scottie at scottie@bavarianfolkart.com for the MAIL ORDER ADDRESS to send your order to  (this is not a tole shop; it is only a mail order address) or call the number below. Payment must be by US check or International Money Order in US dollars or by Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover.

heartsm.gif (985 bytes)By Phone: 540-341-8884 (within USA). Visa, MasterCard, Discovery and American Express are accepted.

Click here for the Printable Order Form

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heartsm.gif (985 bytes)Your comments or questions without ordering are also welcome! Email: scottie@bavarianfolkart.com
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