Seminars 2002

Painting Fun for Everyone!

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The Painted Touch
Beaverton, Oregon, February 2002

Painted_Touch_1.jpg (61535 bytes) Painted_Touch_2.jpg (68332 bytes) Joelle_into_work.jpg (47387 bytes)

Lovely and enthusiastic painters worked on three large projects in three days! Shown are the  Bavarian Heart Chest-Stool from Book 4 and the Bavarian Mini Schrank from Book 6. The beautiful Austrian Octagonal Tray is not shown. Joelle is really getting into her work on the Mini Schrank!

Party_at_Rheinlander.jpg (64557 bytes) Rheinlander_2.jpg (54954 bytes) Rheinlander_1.jpg (48427 bytes) Rheinlander_3.jpg (52822 bytes) Rheinlander_4.jpg (48151 bytes) 

Party time at the beautiful German restaurant Rheinländer - a must for everyone visiting the area! Featured are beautiful murals of the Old Country painted on many of the walls and terrific German food! 


Carolyn's Folk Art Studio,
Matthews, North Carolina, March 2002

 Day_1_web.jpg (93180 bytes) Day_2_web.jpg (98865 bytes) Lins_creative_colors_web.jpg (23422 bytes)

Industrious and fun loving ladies painted for three days and just about finished two projects. The Austrian Tray was fun to paint but I think the favorite was the Bavarian Bouquet Chest! Lin Tillman displays her beautiful color scheme.


Indy Decorative Painters,
Indianapolis, Indiana, April 2002

Indy clock web.jpg (45766 bytes) Indy Hrt Schrank web.jpg (48117 bytes)

Very experienced and creative painters finished two sizeable projects in three days! Most fun for me were all the unusual wood pieces with beautiful and creative adaptations of the designs and different color schemes (see below).

susan's tray web.jpg (43275 bytes) faye table web.jpg (33553 bytes) nancy's cabinet web.jpg (49346 bytes) sally hurst web.jpg (43886 bytes) 

Above are a few of the different creations, left to right: Susan's tray, Faye's table, Nancy's cabinet and honorable mention to Sally for her beautiful child's chair (scaled down from the large chair in Book 6, painted earlier). 

Winnie choc web.jpg (39244 bytes)

 Winnie and her FIVE POUND chocolate bar - the REAL reason painters attend seminars (just kidding)!

The Apple Tree
Springfield, Virginia, July 2002

AT Sem July web.jpg (107936 bytes)

Lovely, industrious ladies completely finished a large crackled box and one or two mini clocks in a two-day seminar! They did a fantastic job considering they had to put up with my cough and loss of voice (feeble instruction!). Good job ladies - I'm proud you for hanging in there and thank you for your patience!

The Apple Tree
Springfield, Virginia, September 2002
Beginning Bavarian Weekend

AT Beg Wkend Sep 02 web.jpg (208180 bytes)

The first time the Beginning Series has been taught in one weekend (two days) really found the class working hard and learning quickly! Everyone was a great sport about the large amount of material presented and I was impressed with how quickly folks learned to use a chalk pencil to sketch their designs! Great job! Keep up the good work!

The Craft Palace
Healdsburg, California, October 2002

Day 2 Group 1 web.jpg (135533 bytes) Day 2 Group 2 web.jpg (141164 bytes) Day 3 Group 1.jpg (136929 bytes) Day 3 Group 2.jpg (154885 bytes)

A wonderful seminar with many friends from past years in California! Hard working folks almost completed the Bavarian Bouquet Chest as well as the Sweetheart Clock. Some folks finished extra pieces as well! Also, beautiful color changes made the projects unique and special. Great job folks!

The Apple Tree
Springfield, Virginia, October 2002
Intermediate Bavarian Weekend

Int 1.jpg (166315 bytes) Int 2.jpg (182528 bytes) Int 3.jpg (177935 bytes)

The three days of the Intermediate Bavarian Weekend were lots of work and lots of fun with a great group of ladies!  Everyone worked very hard, learned a lot and finished almost all of their pieces.  I'm proud of them for hanging in there so well!  Keep up the good work!

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