The Painting Bee Seminars, Japan, June/July 2000

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Beautiful painters, attentive students and lovely people in Japan:

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Tokyo Seminars

Japan Amori web.jpg (58136 bytes)

Aomori Seminar

Japan Nagoya 1.jpg (66609 bytes)   Japan Nagoya 2.jpg (69949 bytes)   Japan Nagoya 3.jpg (89042 bytes)

Nagoya Seminars

Japan MrMrs Kotaki.jpg (53555 bytes)

Seminar sponsors, Mr. & Mrs. Kotaki
The Painting Bee Studio

Japan teachers web.jpg (48425 bytes)

Coordinators Mrs. Setsuko Kotaki and Mrs. Yumiko Takahashi with Scottie in Tokyo

Japan Coord.jpg (46704 bytes)

Coordinators Mrs. Yumiko Takahashi and Mrs. Yoshiko Shibaya with Scottie in Aomori

Japan Coord 3.jpg (23378 bytes)

Coordinator Mrs. Mari Hamano for Nagoya

Japan Yayoi.jpg (111025 bytes)  

Yayoi Imai, my wonderful, patient and helpful translator!

Japan ScottieYayoi web.jpg (94164 bytes)

Scottie and Yayoi in "traditional attire"!!

Below are a few favorite memories of Japan

Japan Castle.jpg (90013 bytes)   Japan Kimona web.jpg (73296 bytes)   Japan paper tree.jpg (57660 bytes)   Japan pretty.jpg (88971 bytes)   Japan Tokyo Pagoda.jpg (42865 bytes)

   Japan Tokyo Shrine.jpg (69908 bytes)     Japan Rickshaw web.jpg (88730 bytes)    Japan food.jpg (80401 bytes)  

A BIG Thank You to the coordinators, the students, Yayoi and Mr. Kotaki for making my first trip to Japan a wonderful experience in every way!

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