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The Ultimate Project — Decorating a Car!

Scottie's husband Jack restores old British cars as a hobby. His favorites are Jags and MG's. Jack also loves all the Bauernmalerei that Scottie paints (wonderful husband!). So when he bought this little dark blue MGB GT (hard-top MG) he wanted to drive it until time to restore it. He suggested to Scottie that some Bauernmalerei flowers tastefully painted on the car would make it look nice until time to strip the auto paint and start over (thinking this would be soon). 

So Scottie had fun painting a few motifs here and there using Delta Ceramcoat paint with no prep to the auto paint underneath (there was no wax on it) and no finish on top although a little varnish on the flowers would have been OK. (The flowers are a lot brighter than the photos here show.) It has now been more than six years, the flowers are still there and Jack has certainly enjoyed all the attention he's received from ladies who love the flowers on his car! The car's days are numbered, though. It's next on the list to be restored!

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Painting the hood
Painting flowers on the hood
Painted Fender
Front fender
Back of the painted car
Back half of car
Back of the car
Hatch back
Scottie & Jack with the painted car
Scottie & Jack with their folk art car!
Courtesy of Kathy Crowley
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