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Painting Fun for Everyone!

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Red Hat Chapter
Sacramento CA, May 2012

 Tray Class Coat Hanger Class 1 Coat Hanger Class 2

Dinner at the Back Forty!

     Back Forty Back Forty Car

Karen, Vikki, Scottie, Dottie Sandra, Jean Susan, Johanna, Renee

It was wonderful to be back among the Red Hats for another seminar!  We had a great time painting the Bavarian Dove Tray for the first two days. The pieces were beautiful and I believe everyone finished their tray except for a few dots. The third day we were joined by a few more folks and we had a fun time painting two coat hangers. I was a little ambitious in thinking we could paint three but at least the last one could be finished at home with the instructions and charts. A big thank you to Caroline Newton for all of her hard work coordinating the seminar and also to Sue Pierce for the work that she did early on. And also a big thank you to all the lovely ladies who attended the seminar. You always make it such a pleasure for me! 

The Pampered Palette
Gainesville VA, June 2012

   Bavarian Basket Tray

      Randi & Anna Lynn Vania Carolyn & Cathie

  Michele & Cynthia Jean Bonnie

Debbie David Mark

Cathie's project Cathie's piece Cathie's piece

It was a great pleasure for me to be teaching again at the Pampered Palette where the teacher and all the students are truly pampered!  From wonderful champagne lunches to the padded chairs, great video system and super customer service, this is a studio that does everything possible to create a memorable painting experience for everyone. We had a wonderful group of folks who were also beautiful painters and very few left with more than a few dots to finish! Cathie created a very unique piece by painting the design elements on a sewing basket which turned out to be a class favorite. It was great to see old painting friends and to make new painting friends as well. I hope to see you all again in my next seminar at the Pampered Palette!





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