Seminars 2008

Painting Fun for Everyone!

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Bel Air Decorative Artists
Bel Air, MD, May 2008

Day 1  Day 2

Open Door Cafe  Open Door Cafe  Open Door Cafe

A fun group of Bel Air Chapter ladies gathered for two days to paint the Bavarian Heart Tray and the Austrian Scalloped Clock. Everyone in the class finished the Bavarian Heart Tray and did a lovely job! No UFO corner for that piece! And at the end of the second day, the Austrian Scalloped Clock had only a few finishing touches left. I really enjoyed seeing some old friends like Annette Stark in the seminar (we date back to 1980!) and also enjoyed making new friends. A number of us went out to eat at the lovely Open Door Cafe where all of the walls are creatively painted. What fun! A big thank you to everyone who participated in the seminar and I do hope by now both of your pieces are totally finished. Keep up the good work!

The Apple Tree
Springfield VA, September 2008

group 1  group 2

Hard at work below...

folks 1 web.jpg (300555 bytes) folks 2 web.jpg (329680 bytes) folks 3 web.jpg (199870 bytes) folks 4 web.jpg (221177 bytes) 

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A wonderful group of ladies and one guy came together at The Apple Tree to paint the Bavarian Village Table. They  worked VERY HARD for three full days and most finished at least the top of the table. Here are some action photos. There were some lovely variations on the Kleister work and one beautiful table in lavender, purple and pink!  Thank you so much for being such a fun and dedicated group - especially those who hung in there to the very end. Your tables are going to be beautiful. Hang in there and have fun finishing!


Red Hat Decorative Painters
Sacramento, CA, October 2008

  Group 1 Group 2

Hard at work below...

Working 1 Working 2 Working 3 Working 4 Working 5

Working 6 Working 6 Working 7 Working 9

More fun!

Scottie & Carl Caroline & Pennie Caroline 

Dinner at Sudwerks

Dinner 1 Dinner 2 Dinner 3 Joyce

What a great time we all had painting and laughing with the Red Hat Chapter folks! Everyone worked VERY HARD for three days and most folks almost finished their beautiful Bavarian Floral Drop-Leaf Table. We all had fun painting, eating and taking lots of crazy pictures! The weather was beautiful, the seminar folks were very dedicated and Caroline did a fabulous job of coordinating the seminar. The tables are really beautiful. They just need those last detailed touches. Have fun finishing!

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