The FIRST Southeast Asian Decorative Painting Convention 
 in Singapore, March/April 2001

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Beautiful painters from many countries participated in a new adventure in Singapore: a Decorative Painting Convention!
Below are photos of some of the ladies in Scottie's classes:

Clock1 web.jpg (99670 bytes) Clock2 web.jpg (90408 bytes)

Black Forest Wall Clock classes

Tray1 web.jpg (112222 bytes)  Tray2 web.jpg (113531 bytes)

Oval Bavarian Rococo Tray classes

Fruit 1 web.jpg (96567 bytes)

Fruit and Flowers class

Sharon-Seok Hui 1 web.jpg (81767 bytes)

Convention sponsors: Seok Hui Chin and Sharon Ong Atkinson

Teachers web.jpg (105233 bytes)

Convention teachers: Scottie Foster, U.S., Chris Roy, Australia, Lorraine Gum, Australia, Gretchen Cagle, U.S.

Helpers web.jpg (39477 bytes)

Special helpers (with the teachers): Sharon Ong Atkinson, Singapore, Alice Ong, Malaysia,  and Cony, Australia

Below are a few favorite memories of Singapore, a beautiful, tropical country in the Orient with wonderful, friendly folks!

HawkerCenter2 web.jpg (59188 bytes)

Seok Hui with Warren, Scottie, Gretchen and Charles, Seok Hui's husband, eating a delicious meal at the Hawker Center. Eating at Raffles and Chijmes were also memorable occasions!

HawkerCenter web.jpg (102421 bytes) Floral 2 web.jpg (112243 bytes) SweetJucy web.jpg (70328 bytes) Tree fern web.jpg (92529 bytes) Alice Fruit wb.jpg (53466 bytes) Tshirt web.jpg (59893 bytes)

Zoo web.jpg (152292 bytes) Colorful Bird web.jpg (142742 bytes) Animal web.jpg (77608 bytes) Charles-Warren web.jpg (76593 bytes) Warren web.jpg (33598 bytes) Foliage web.jpg (116849 bytes)

Party Time for students and teachers on the last night of convention!

A BIG Thank You to Seok Hui and Sharon, Alice, Chris, Lorraine, Cony, Gretchen, Charles, Gary and all the lovely students  for making my first trip to Singapore a wonderful experience that I will never forget!


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