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DVD Scottie's DVD Guide to Bauernmalerei



Video Scottie's VIDEO Guide to Bauernmalerei $14.95 $
Book 1 Scottie's Guide to Bauernmalerei $11.95 $
Book 2 Scottie's Bauernmalerei $10.95 $
Book 3 Scottie's Bauernmalerei $8.95 $
Book 4 Scottie's Guide to Bauernmalerei $11.95 $
Book 5 Scottie's Austrian Style Bauernmalerei $11.95 $
Book 6 Scottie's Bauernm÷bel; Bavarian Folk Art Furniture $13.95 $
Doll Haus Bk Scottie's Doll Haus with Decorated Furniture $9.95 $
Bauernmalerei Lia's Bauernmalerei, Favorite Styles of Germany  $13.95 $
Schachteln Lia's Schachteln (Boxes)  $10.95 $
Kugeln 1 Lia's Kugeln 1 (Christmas balls) $7.95 $
Kugeln 2 Lia's Kugeln 2 (more Christmas balls) $7.95 $
Lia's Christmas... Lia's Christmas in Bavaria  $7.95 $
Misc Packet Bauernmalerei Three-Fold Screen $10.00 $
Misc Packet Bavarian Heart Cutout Chest $10.00 $
Misc Packet Biedemeier Heart Chest-Stool $10.00 $
Misc Packet Bavarian Umbrella Stand $6.00 $
Misc Packet Old Country Welcome $6.00 $
Misc Packet Bavarian Church in Winter $6.00 $
Misc Packet Bauernmalerei Lids $10.00 $
Misc Packet Puss in Boots $6.00 $
Misc Packet Kitty in the Garden $6.00 $
Misc Packet Bavarian Dove Box $6.00 $
Misc Packet Bavarian Folk Quotes $6.00 $
Misc Packet Scalloped Bavarian Wall Clock $6.00 $
Misc Packet Bavarian Bouquet Firescreen $6.00 $
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US and APO Australia, Japan, South Africa. Great Britain. Europe and South America Canada
$2.75 each for  books/video/DVD  (2 or 3 books will usually be sent Priority mail; large orders often go Media Mail depending on your zone) Approximately $13 for the first book/video airmail + $7 for each additional** Approximately $11 for the first book/video airmail + $6 for each additional**
$1.50 per  packet
Approximately $7 for the first packet
$4 for each additional**
Approximately $6 for the first packet
$4 for each additional**
** For foreign orders in one package, the actual postage can only be calculated after  the order is packaged and weighed. Then the cost to you will be the actual postage charge for airmail to your country plus a $4 handling charge. Very often the charge is LESS than that listed above if you order more than one book.  If you are paying by international money order, please email me first and ask for the total charge including postage. Thank you for your order.
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Email Scottie at or call Scottie for the address to send your order to.
: 540-341-8884
Thank you and happy painting!

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