Hello, My name is Sharon. I just found your site on the internet and wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your books and style of painting. I have been an acrylic painter for over twenty years. The first class I took was a stroke class using your technique. I have found over the years that the basic fundamentals I obtained from your method has enabled me to paint just about anything. When I start out a new student, I always pick up your first book and have them start with your tulips, roses, leaves. Strokework is so important to lay down the foundation for future methods. This past weekend I visited The Apple Tree in Springfield. I enjoyed seeing your pieces. I have all of your first editions. Keep up the great work. You are a real inspiration to a lot of folk artists. Sharon

Hello Scottie, I'm so glad I found your site. I have been painting for about 5 years now and lately teaching some classes. I use your techniques almost exclusively and have all your books. They are wonderful. I live in a small city in Saskatchewan (probably a medium size town by American standards). My pride and joy is an old ceramic toothpick holder that my mom picked up at a flea market in Iowa that is decorated and signed "Scottie". Since I also teach ceramics this was great. I will definitely be keeping tabs on this site. Sandy

This is a small post script to your busy day Scottie. I have always loved Tyrolian painted furniture. I just recently began to gather things to do a dollhouse at age 64. When I saw your house with shapes and color I love, I could not believe it!! The house is completely charming and just the right combination of fantasy and real. Thank you so much for putting your work out there to inspire the creativity in me!! Well done to say the least. Your work is magic. With grateful appreciation, Wendy 

Scottie, I just wanted to send a brief message. The video arrived safe and sound and I have already carved out time to watch it. I think your video is a fabulous supplement to your books and I will recommend it to others. As you know, for some time now, I have used your step by step instructions and the pictures in your books to paint projects, adaptations thereto and my own designs inspired by your work. The instructions and step-by-step pictures are well written and presented to give the artist working on their own wonderful information to paint Bauernmalerei. However, as all artists know, there are times when having an instructor is priceless and your video is the next best thing to being in a class with you. You did a wonderful job demonstrating techniques and a variety of flowers in the video. The potential problems presented with the demonstrations are also very helpful. Thank you for all the work you put into your books, seminars and the wonderful video. Happy Holidays, Julie 

Hi. I took a look at your website and I especially liked the mini clocks. So, I want to know where I can purchase the wooden clocks that were shown. If there is a catalogue, please send me one. My mailing address is...Thanks so much, and I loved your website. Mai 

Visited your site ........very informative ......friendly too.......thanks for the free pattern, as I am a beginner, I will enjoy trying to do it justice  .THANKS AGAIN ..............Regards      R.R   

Thank you for providing the pattern for this lovely piece (free design). I am just learning how to paint and maybe one day I will be able to do something like this. Sincerely, Margaret, ON. Canada

Dear Scottie, I received my first two books a few days ago. I wanted to let you know that your designs are even more beautiful than I had expected. Thanks for sharing your expertise and talent with the rest of us. May God continue to bless you. Susan

Dear Scottie, I was dumbfounded to receive my books so quickly.  What wonderful service.  Your art is absolutely beautiful.  I love it!  I only wish I lived closer to one of the places you will be doing your seminars so I could take classes.  But I plan on practicing, practicing.  One thing I have been doing since reading one of your books is freehand drawing.  You are right- so much faster. Just wanted to let you know how much I love your designs and painting. Sincerely, Sherry, Oklahoma

   Dear Scottie, My name is Liliana  and I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am writing to tell you I admire you and your art, which is just wonderful. I have bought many of your books and made some painting myself... and let me tell you that what I like the most about them is that I can feel the passion and effort you put in everything you do. Congratulations and best wishes! 


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