Korean Society of Decorative Painters Seminar

      Black Forest Tray Bavarian Camelback Box Black Forest Letter Holder

The seminar for the KSDP was held in a large conference room of the very comfortable and modern Youth Hostel in Seoul. For three days these very talented painters worked hard to finish three pieces: Black Forest Dove Tray, Bavarian Camelback Box and Black Forest Letter Holder. Thomas was my very helpful interpreter and was a lot of fun to talk to and to hear about his background and life. His English was very good since for the past five years he has lived in Seattle, Washington, USA! And a special "thank you" to Thomas for all of his assistance at the airport when it was time to leave. Best of luck next year in college!

    Black Forest Tray Black Forest Tray Camelback Box Camelback Box

Letter Holder Letter Holder Letter Holder Letter Holder


It was fun to see all the students watch my demonstrations with cell phones, video cameras and iPads capturing every detail! I've not seen that level of interest in the U.S. yet! 

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