Hannah Art Studio Seminar

    Bavarian Village Table Renaissance Jewelry Box 

The lovely ladies of Hannah Art Studio worked VERY HARD for three days and accomplished a great deal toward finishing their pieces. They tackled the very difficult Bavarian Village Table, a table with a scene, many flowers and lots of faux finishing, on the first two days of the seminar. Then they were able to relax a little bit while painting the Renaissance Jewelry Box on the third day. At least the box was easier to handle than the table! They were ALL wonderful painters and very accomplished. It was a lot of fun for me to be able to teach them in the very friendly Hannah Art studio.

Close attention Table class Working hard Renaissance box 

Ladies, I just hope you have finished your tables at home by now!

 Eunha and Thomas Abby

It was such a joy to teach in the Hannah Art Studio owned by Eunha and Alex Lee in the heart of Seoul! The photo above, in front of the Hannah Art Studio is of Eunha and her son, Thomas, who not only helped in the shop but was my wonderful interpreter for the Society seminar days. On the right is Abby who was my wonderful interpreter for the Hannah Art seminar days. She is standing in front of her own magnificent porcelain art pieces! 

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