The Unfinished Meier Haus Shell
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Doll Haus unfinished

The Meier Haus unfinished shell is no longer being made. 
If you wish to make your own using the plans, here suggestions
of what you might wish to make.

House structure
2- 5" windows, mullions & interior trim
3- 4" windows, mullions & interior trim
1 chimney
Balcony with flower boxes
3 Flower boxes for back wall
4 shutters for 5" windows
6 shutters for 4" windows
2- 3" window frames for attic - outside & inside 
17- 4 3/8" window frames for sides & back (14 for outside-3 inside)
4- 3" shutters
28- 4 3/8" shutters

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