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The Unfinished Meier Haus Shell
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Doll Haus unfinished

The Meier Haus unfinished shell is now being made again! 
See details below:

Basic House consists of:
House structure - assembled
2- 5" windows - includes mullions & interior trim
3- 4" windows - includes mullions & interior trim
1 chimney
Door - installed
Balcony with flower boxes
3 Flower boxes for back wall
4 shutters for 5" windows
6 shutters for 4" windows
Cost of House: $235.00

Packing 20.00
Shipping (UPS actual - $13.00 - $39.00 - subject to UPS rate changes)

Doll House Options:
2- 3" window frames for attic - outside & inside - $2.25 each
17- 4 3/8" window frames for sides & back (14 for outside-3 inside)2.75 each
4- 3" shutters - 20 cents each
28- 4 3/8" shutters - 25 cents each
Cost of options package: $51.80
Handling 2.50
Shipping (Actual UPS shipping)

If you are interested, email Mary Ellerman at or call at 206-542-1592. Her husband, Roy, makes the houses and does a beautiful job!

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